Biomutant Hands-On Impressions, A Mutant Hero Against A World-Ending Plague

Although Biomutant recently announced a delay in its release date to focus more energy in polishing the fine details, it’s as gorgeous to play as it is to see. From the juxtaposed environments of degredated structures, lush greenery, and a civilization of mutated warrior rodents – what’s not to be fascinated by? Despite the amount of work the developers have yet to complete, there have already been massive improvements since their last gameplay demonstration. The recent delay announcement only speaks to Experiment 101’s conviction to get this right.

DFTG received a hands-on experience with THQ Nordic and Experiment 101’s Biomutant, the ethereal world of mutated creatures and monstrous foes surrounded by beautifully crafted landscapes. Yet underneath the lush environment lies a virulent plague seeping toward the earth’s surface that threatens all living creatures. Players assume the role of an intrepid hero set forth to unite the Tribes that “stand divided” and save the world before it bleeds them all dry. Or perhaps you’ll see to it that it crumbles. The choice is yours.

Biomutant is a new and imaginative world to immerse yourself in – an action-packed, Wu-Shu combat style that constantly changes with your choice of play. Role-playing elements like upgrades, skills, and a free-form fighting system allows for optimal hacking and slashing on your own terms. There’s a diverse range of weapons for extra damage output for range and close combat strategies. That’s on top of the open-world landscape that’s free to explore.

When it comes to modes of transportation, Experiment 101 gives players a variety of options here as well. Whether you’re traveling to your next destination via hot air balloon, a personally customized mech suit, mucus bubbles, or gliders. There are plenty of ways to get around that suits your character best, or to fit the occasion. 

There are neat stylistic animations that add to the intense yet enjoyable combat experience in Biomutant as well. Slow-motion animations emphasize critical hits and death blows on enemies, and action buttons to assist players from bouncing or rolling off the back of an enemy. While an enemy is downed from a critical hit, players can execute a final blow by pressing a command prompt like “X.” The major boss battle we got to experience was against a gargantuan enemy called a Jumbo Puff. Don’t let the adorable name fool you though, it’s not that cute. But the best part is getting swallowed whole before proceeding to travel around its chest cavity and taking it down from the inside! Boss battles are certainly an experience in itself.

An interesting fact we took from the interview with Experiment 101’s Oliver Bolt, is the inspiration behind Biomutant. According to Bolt, the classic Ratchet & Clank series was referenced for ideas, which seems almost obvious in retrospect. Even from the teaser gameplay above, there are uncanny similarites. This time, however, the visuals and gameplay received a major upgrade.

For the sake of transparency again, Biomutant is a work in progress. Based on the gameplay demonstration we got our hands on, there are a few personal critiques. While the overall of the game already feels fairly put together, the combat system could still use polishing in addition to the animated cutscenes. The combat takes some getting used to as with any new game players embark on. Plus, to keep from revealing too much of the game’s progress at this point in time, demonstrations are simplified.

All in all, Biomutant looks fantastic. It stands to be said that there’s a lot of work to be done, but the team is determined to get it right the first time. As expansive as the world of Biomutant will be from day one, there are a few details Experiment 101 wants to perfect before they bring forth a call for adventure. Are you ready?

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