Terry Cavanagh Releases “Stealthy Rogue-Like Thing” Game: Tiny Heist

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Terry Cavanagh has garnered a rather good reputation in the last couple of years with his fun Flash based games (found here). These games are always enjoyable and are good for passing the time. Heroes Adventure was a fan favourite, and a large number of people follow his blog to see what he’s working on next. Well his new game has finally been released, with the name changing from “Untitled Stealthy Thing” to Tiny Heist.

Tiny Heist is another free Flash based game, and people are already playing it – quick to jump on and enjoy the wonderfully engaging and time-consuming game (time consuming purely because I have enjoyed playing it more than I should).

An ASCII-style turn-based game that is procedurally generated gives it a replayability factor that many enjoy (myself included). Your goal? Find a key, steal gems and coins, and escape as fast as possible without being caught and knocked out by the guards, or attacked by the dogs that roam the passageways and rooms – and don’t forget to avoid the alarms!

Tiny Heist 1

The game gets increasingly more difficult too, which is a nice touch. If you take too long, any enemies you have knocked out will wake up. More guards and dogs enter the playing field. And let’s not forget the fact that there are 15 floors and each one gets more and more difficult than the last. Overall, it makes it quite an exciting game that you can waste hours on..

Have you played any of Terry Cavanaghs’ games? What was your favourite? What do you think of Tiny Heist? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and let us know what you think!

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