Team Fortress 2 Monopoly Edition On its Way to a Tabletop Near You

Team Fortress 2 Monopoly

For those who find nothing more relaxing than a night at home with friends or family playing a board game, your table top is about to explode with excitement. The classic real estate tycoon board game is getting a new addition to the family sometime between October and November. That’s right, a Team Fortress 2 Monopoly edition is coming soon and will have players flipping tables in a whole new setting.

Team Fortress 2 Monopoly promises similar elements found in the original team-based multiplayer shooter. RED and BLU pieces will be acquired with game currency as players race around the board with custom tokens that will be familiar to fans of the video game. Here is what Merchoid – who has the game on pre-order – has to say about it:

Bringing the battle for your favorite maps to the table tops, MONOPOLY: Team Fortress 2 let’s players fight for (and defend) their title of King of the Hill by spending their Saxton Bucks, building up properties with RED Barns and BLU Factories, and traveling across the board using one of six custom tokens!  This special edition offers fans of Valve Software’s team-based, first person shooter a custom twist on classic gameplay.”

Team Fortress 2 Monopoly will be for 2 to six players and is officially licensed game merchandise. Merchoid has limited stock of the game but if interested parties are looking for an alternate site -and to save a bit of money – the game can also be pre-ordered on Entertainment Earth.  It is unclear when the exact release date is, however it is said to be shipped between October or November on both sites.

Will Team Fortress 2 Monopoly be joining the ranks of your board game collection? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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