Taking a Look Inside the PS4 Pro (VIDEO)

PS4 Pro - Tear down

In an oddly soothing video of a man and his craft, we see Director of Mechanical Design, Keiichi Aoki, tear down an entire PS4 Pro console. It’s not very often that you see a company release a video showing the disassembly of their product, but we’re sure glad Sony did. All in all, the process is fairly simple, and surely a great resource for anyone looking to take his or her system apart.

In the nearly 13 minute video, Aoki makes it seem like anyone can take the PS4 Pro apart. Within the first minute, he already has the hard disc out, which really only took about 12 seconds of work, as it is designed to be easily accessible for the consumer. Needless to say, it totally is. One clip and one screw. That’s it. After breaking the tamper evident seals(it’s cool, I am fairly positive he may know someone on the inside), he begins to take the system apart piece by piece. First go the outer coverings and then it is a no holds barred assault on the console! Okay, that isn’t true. Aoki takes the system apart with intense precision, a sense of pride, and he is incredibly delicate with each individual component. He goes through each piece as he is removing it, pointing out where the two WiFi antennas are, mentioning what’s been upgraded, and even showing where the LED motherboard is and how it is guided to light up the buttons on the front of the console. It’s quite intriguing if you get the chance to check it out below!

What are your thoughts on the tearing down of the PS4 Pro? Anybody getting one? Anybody got one? Let us know in that lovely comments section down there what you’re thinking! Speaking of lovely, have you seen our coverage of NekoCon 2016? A lot of fun to be had! Of course, if you want more fun, be sure to stick around here at Don’t Feed the Gamers because when there is gaming news to be written, you’ll be able to read it, for we have already written it.

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