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ARK Tek Tier “Biggest Patch Ever” Arrives Next Week – Loads Of New Content (VIDEO)

ARK: Survival Evolved has been a huge hit for an Early Access game, even with a few bumps in the road, whether it was the release of DLC before full…

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Microsoft Adds New Copilot Feature in Latest Xbox One Update (VIDEO)

Microsoft’s latest update includes more additions and tweaks to the Xbox One. At this time, however, they’re exclusive to particular Xbox Insiders and a number of “subset gamers”. Within the…

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The Division Patch 1.6 Launches on Public Test Servers Today and it is Enormous

The Division patch 1.6 launched on public test servers today, and the changes that could potentially come to the game are enormous. The complete patch notes are hefty and, unless…

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Steam Update

New Steam Update Makes Life Easier – Use Any Controller With New Update

Everyone loves a good Steam update, right? Bugs get fixed, features get added, and it’s usually a good time for all. What’s not to love? The latest Steam update has added…

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Overwatch Developer Update Video

Overwatch Developer Update Video Shares Reasoning for PTR and Latest Updates (VIDEO)

Previous reports surfaced earlier this month about the newest Overwatch updates that have been available for testing on the game’s PTR, or Public Testing Region. These updates have had fans…

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Photographing Feature

Final Fantasy XV’s January Patch Adds Photography Feature for Noctis

It’s been two months since Final Fantasy XV’s long-awaited release and the developers behind this title have promised a wide variety of incoming content to spruce up the player’s experience. One of…

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Iron Banner Returns

Iron Banner Returns and More in New Destiny Update

While Destiny fans await the more narrative-focused updates that various signs have been pointing to be in the works at Bungie, various other updates have been providing a variety of…

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The Sims 4 Receives Toddler Life Stage Update for Free (VIDEO)

The Sims games are definitely those ones where you binge for a month, heave a sigh of exhaustion, and put down for even more months at a time. Electronic Arts…

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PlayStation VR

New YouTube Update Massively Expands Playstation VR Video Library

Playstation VR has been capable of taking advantage of 360 degree video for quite some time now, but this content had to be accessed via various third party applications. Owners…

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Rainbow Six Siege – Explosive 5.2 Update

Ubisoft has released a free update to the critically acclaimed tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege. The amount of content included in the update is impressive, to say the least, but…

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