New Shadow of the Tomb Raider Concept Art Possibly Leaked

Not too long ago, word that a possible new Tomb Raider title was leaked online, exciting fans to the potential of a brand new game to the rebooted series might…

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New Tomb Raider

Movie Goers Can Expect New Tomb Raider to be “Very Different” From Original Films

With the first images officially released for the new Tomb Raider movie, excitement is already high for the debut of the film in March of 2018. Fans may already recognize…

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Alicia Vikander

New Photos of Alicia Vikander As Lara Croft Emerge As Filming For Tomb Raider Continues

The video game movie scene is preparing for another installment, this time with an action heroine we all grew to love taking the scene. The reboot of the Tomb Raider…

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New Photos Emerge of New Tomb Raider Movie – Lara Croft Looks Exactly Like Her 2013 Gaming Counterpart

We all know by now that there is a new Tomb Raider movie in the works and it runs along the timeline of the recently rebooted games. We see a…

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Tomb Raider Reboot Casts The Wire Star As Richard Croft, Lara’s Father

According to a recent report, British actor Dominic West of The Wire fame, and more recently Showtime’s The Affair, has landed a role as Lord Richard Croft in the Warner Bros…

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Tomb Raider Reboot Film

Warcraft’s Daniel Wu Joins Tomb Raider Reboot Film

The upcoming Tomb Raider reboot film is really starting to accelerate into a fully-formed reality. Last year, fans were elated to hear that Alicia Vikander would be taking on the…

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Fan Project Reimagines Tomb Raider Four: The Last Revelation in HD

With the recent leak of the next Tomb Raider game “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” fans may feel a bit low on new developments. Aside from Rhianna Pratchet leaving the…

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Reboot of Tomb Raider Movie Teases Story Details (Video)

Grahm King, producer of the newest Tomb Raider, dropped some details for the premise of the highly anticipated film which will star Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Danish Girl) as…

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Tomb Raider Title Leaked Due to Negligent Employee on a Subway

If you’re ever curious on the proper protocols for handling confidential information, here’s a little tip: Don’t open sensitive information while on a public subway! Luckily for us, that negligence…

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