Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer Highlights Villainous Christian Bale

Following the MCU’s grand conclusion in Avengers Endgame, Marvel Studios has spent the last several movies and TV shows establishing a new status quo for each of the team’s beloved…

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Marvel's Avengers Reveals Why Thor Leaves Mjolnir Behind

Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Why Thor Leaves Mjolnir Behind

Crystal Dynamics has been teasing quite the epic storyline for Marvel’s Avengers, with the majority of the events in the game taking place following a time jump after the tutorial-esque…

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Marvel's Avengers Teases Unworthy Thor Storyline

Marvel’s Avengers Teases Unworthy Thor Storyline

Just recently, Crystal Dynamics showed off the power of Thor, God of Thunder, in a brand new gameplay trailer for Marvel’s Avengers. Just one of several other gameplay trailers featuring…

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Marvel's Avengers Thor

Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Thunderous New Thor Gameplay (VIDEO)

Crystal Dynamics has revealed new gameplay for Marvel’s Avengers on their official Twitter. Over the past couple of months, Marvel’s Avengers has revealed gameplay footage for each of the main…

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Throwback Thursday Actor Spider-Man Universes

Throwback Thursday: This Actor Exists In All Three ‘Spider-Man’ Universes (VIDEO)

Marvel’s web-slinging wall-crawler Spider-Man is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, and that fan love has largely translated to big success at the box office….

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Kratos Thor

Kratos And Thor Do Battle In Epic Video – God Of War Vs. God Of Thunder (VIDEO)

When one thinks of a the most powerful beings in pop culture, God of War‘s Kratos and Marvel’s Thor are likely among the most mentioned of the bunch. The two…

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Thor's Hammer

Marvel Explains Why Thor’s Hammer Won’t Move For Anyone But Him

Thor is among the most powerful beings in Marvel Comics not only for his godly ancestry, but because of the hero’s thunderous hammer Mjolnir. The iconic weapon grants a wide…

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The Hulk Speaks in Brand New Thor: Ragnarok Comic-Con 2017 Trailer (VIDEO)

The Hulk Speaks in Brand New Thor: Ragnarok Comic-Con 2017 Trailer (VIDEO)

Comic-Con has brought to light several of the most anticipated films in recent memory, releasing many awesome videos over the last few days. Now it’s Marvel Studios’ turn and they…

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hulk thor ragnarok lego set

Thor: Ragnarok Lego Sets Reveal New Characters From the Upcoming Movie

After last month’s hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Marvel Studios’ next cosmic outing, Thor: Ragnarok, will arrive later this year in November. The new Asgardian adventure sees the…

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Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer

The Official Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer Has Arrived (VIDEO)

The third installment in Marvel Studios’ Thor film series is set to come out later this year. While photos have already been released about the upcoming movie, it is video…

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