It’s No “Space Force,” But This New Astronaut Onesie Is Pretty Darn Sweet, Available Now

I know, I know … who could possibly compete with the infamous (and yes, we mean infamous) “Space Force?” It’s a tough act to follow but we think this nifty astronaut NASA-inspired onesie was just too darn sweet not to share. Even better? It’s available now to fulfill all of those space fantasies locked away in that head of yours. And if you’re a fan of the Portal series, it gives you another reason to run around the house yelling “SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACE.”

See? Win/Win.

The awesome onesie is courtesy of our friends over at ThinkGeek and is available now to purchase, climb right in, and veg out in pure couch-ey bliss. According to the online site, “Spacesuits aren’t known for their comfort. After all, they’re basically life-support capsules that encase the astronaut, keeping them alive in the harsh vacuum of space, where they’re being bombarded with debris and radiation. But inside the protection of the International Space Station, crewmembers get slightly more comfortable clothing. However, because of the limited resources on the ISS (both water and storage space) they only get to change clothes once every ten days.”

We do not suggest you try that with this Astronaut Hooded Lounger. It looks like an EVA suit, but it’s actually soft, comfy fleece. It has shiny silver details and ribbed cuffs at the wrists and ankles that’ll keep the cold from seeping in. Just maybe not to the extreme of the coldness of space. Also, throw this in the laundry more than once every ten days so you don’t scare your crewmates off.”


More specs for this sweet, sweet suit:

  • Astronaut Hooded Lounger
  • A ThinkGeek exclusive
  • Full-zip white fleece union suit with a hood
  • Silver lamé and black details appliqued across front
  • “SPACE” meatball logo and American flag patches
  • Grey ribbed cuffs at wrists and ankles
  • Materials: 100% polyester

Interested? Dumb question, of course you are! You can order your right here for $59.99! Enjoy the Space Force!

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