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Control Publisher Explains Why Next-Gen Upgrades Won’t Be Free

Last week, 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment revealed Control Ultimate Edition – a bundle that combines all DLC and extra content that folks know and love into one neat package….

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Control Ultimate Edition Steam Remedy

Control Ultimate Edition Announced, Causes Uproar From Fans (VIDEO)

Fans were recently treated to a teaser trailer that showed Alan Wake coming to Control, as well as the news that the Remedy Connected Universe is officially in full swing….

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Control Alan Wake Remedy Connected Universe

Control, Alan Wake Devs Creating New Game Set In The Same Universe

Control players have been patiently awaiting the arrival of Alan Wake in-game since they began to find clues as to what took place in Bright Falls all those years ago….

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Control Alan Wake DLC

Control AWE Expansion Teases The Return Of Alan Wake (VIDEO)

Hello, old friend. Alan Wake fans have been hoping to see a new installment in the popular series for quite some time, and while that doesn’t seem exactly likely, there…

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CrossfireX Trailer Takes A Quick Look At The Campaign (VIDEO)

Remedy Entertainment has a long track record of creating their titles with unique mechanics that change the way players interact with the world they’re placed in. Slowing down time, controlling…

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New Control Expansion Will Help Explain What Happened In Alan Wake

New Control Expansion Will Help Explain What Happened In Alan Wake

It looks like the 10th anniversary of Alan Wake will also feature some long-anticipated answers for the game. With Remedy Entertainment’s Control having established a shared universe between the two…

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Alan Wake Joins Xbox Game Pass For Console And PC Next Week

Though the game was originally released back in 2010, Remedy Entertainment’s mystery thriller Alan Wake has nonetheless enjoyed a pretty healthy fandom (including DFTG) in the years since. With the…

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alan wake remedy entertainment

Alan Wake 10 Year Anniversary Plans Announced By Remedy

Despite the acclaim from reviewers and critics alike, Alan Wake didn’t get nearly the level of recognition it probably deserved. After all, 2010 was a phenomenal year for releases including…

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Control Expansion 'The Foundation'

Control Expansion ‘The Foundation’ Reveals New Trailer, Details (VIDEO)

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games have already produced quite the trippy supernatural adventure with Control, though it appears the story isn’t quite done as developers still have a number of…

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Control remedy the foundation expansion dlc

Control: The Foundation Expansion Confirms Release Date (VIDEO)

With reality-warping titles such as Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break under their belt, Remedy Entertainment delivered possibly their most definitive version of this concept yet with Control. Following…

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