Here's Why Sony Released PlayStation 5 Specs Early

Here’s Why Sony Released PlayStation 5 Specs Early

Earlier this month, Sony caught gamers by surprise by releasing some of the specs for the upcoming PlayStation 5, including some of the console’s previously rumored backward compatibility details. While…

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PS5: Sony Confirms Next PlayStation, New Details Leaked

PlayStation 5 Could Be Cheaper Than Originally Predicted, According to Analyst

The reveal of Sony’s plans for the tentative PlayStation 5 happened earlier this month and while it wan’t completely without mystery (still no confirmation of the name “PS5”), what was…

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Next Xbox PlayStation 5

Next Xbox Will Reportedly Be More Powerful Than PlayStation 5

The signs of the current hardware generation have been pointing towards its end being sooner rather than later, and the new generation looming large in the plans for Sony and…

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Sony Reportedly Adding Hardware V-Sync Support To The PS5

Official PlayStation 5 Details From Sony Reveal Backwards Compatibility, Ray Tracing, and More

For a long while, the next generation of console gaming has been largely kept a secret, the respective next hardware from Sony and Microsoft being left to varied speculation and…

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New PlayStation 5 Leak Reveals Spec List, Possible Retail Price

PlayStation 5 Leak Reveals Spec List, Possible Retail Pricing

Although we’re still quite a ways away from the release of the next generation of consoles, that hasn’t stopped the occasional ‘leak’ from giving us possible glimpses of what we…

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e3 2019

GameStop Reveals PlayStation 5, Next Xbox Could Be Coming Soon

With the life cycle of the current generation of consoles seemingly coming to an end in the relatively near future, talks about the PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox are…

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PlayStation 5 Controller Possibly Revealed In Leaked Images

PlayStation 5 Controller Possibly Revealed In Leaked Images

The next console generation is about to hit us all in the face with a mountain of new hardware, and it looks like there’s plenty to be excited about if…

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PS5, Next Xbox Unlikely To Have Cross-Play As Defining Feature, Says Dev

PS5, Next Xbox Reportedly More Powerful Than Google Stadia

Google certainly made a splash with the announcement of its exciting new game-streaming service Google Stadia, the cloud platform not only boasting a high degree of device and peripheral compatibility,…

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The Avengers Project

The Avengers Project Might Be A Next Xbox, PlayStation 5 Game

Not much is known about The Avengers Project, but a recent job listing may point to the mysterious title being developed not for the current consoles of today, but for…

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Fake PlayStation 5 Video Goes Viral, But We Wish It Were Real (VIDEO)

PS5 Backwards Compatibility Hinted In New Sony Patent

With this generation of gaming starting to wind down, players are beginning to look forward to what the future might hold for future consoles such as Sony’s PS5. Despite little…

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