Next Nier Title

Producer Yosuke Saito Confirms Next Nier Title Has Begun Development

Nier: Automata was released earlier this year for PC and PlayStation 4. The follow-up to 2010’s Nier, the sequel received praise for its storytelling and approach to combat. The game…

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Bayonetta 3

Creator and Game Designer Hideki Kamiya Teases Bayonetta 3

Back in 2009, the hack and slash hit title Bayonetta was unleashed on the gaming world. The title quickly became popular among action gamers due to the fluid combat and beautiful visuals…

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Hideki Kamiya

Video Game Director Hideki Kamiya Talks Scalebound Cancellation and Future Endeavors

Awhile back, Microsoft and Platinum Games announced the cancellation of the long-awaited action RPG Scalebound. The game was being led by world renown video game director Hideki Kamiya, who is responsible for…

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Bayonetta 3

Platinum Games Discussing Potential for Developing Bayonetta 3

According to reports, Platinum Games has been discussing the possibility of a Bayonetta 3. This may not be a surprise to those who recall co-founder Hideki Kamiya commenting that the…

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Nier: Automata Director Says a Nier Remake Could Happen With the Right Amount of Money

Unless one has been living under a rock over the past couple of months, it may have been difficult to go without hearing about the latest title from Platinum Games, Nier:…

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Nier Automata DLC

Nier Automata DLC Features a Boss Fight with Square Enix’s CEO Yosuke Matsuda (VIDEO)

The upcoming Nier Automata DLC will pit players against Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda. The latest add-on to the game, simply titled 3C3C1D119440927, will be out soon for PlayStation 4 and PC….

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SEGA Hints at Bayonetta Content Coming Soon with a Mysterious Countdown Website

It’s no April Fool’s joke this time, at least, not based on what can be surmised. After the gag game 8-Bit Bayonetta content that was released by the company on…

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Scalebound Producer JP Kellams Leaves PlatinumGames After a Decade of Work

In January, it was officially confirmed that Scalebound was cancelled by Microsoft. PlatinumGames confirmed on their blog shortly thereafter that it was a regretful and difficult decision for both parties, but…

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Scalebound Cancellation Won’t Stop Microsoft From “Taking Risks”

With the recent cancellation of Platinum Games’ action RPG Scalebound, many are wondering what that means for the future of third party productions in terms of Microsoft endorsement. Signing on…

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Scalebound Director

Scalebound Director Talks Recent Cancellation and Addresses Rumors of Time Off

You may recall a few days ago that Scalebound, a highly anticipated action rpg for Xbox One and PC, was cancelled by Microsoft. Many of the developers expressed their thoughts and feelings…

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