LiLi’s Survival Guide for Conventions – Introvert’s Edition

Ah, conventions. An exciting environment where geeks can let their fandom flag fly proudly. A magical place where vendors, artists, and big names throughout the Geek-verse come together to celebrate…

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Alien Race

PAX East Trailer for ‘Elite Dangerous’ Shows Ominous Encounter With Alien Race (VIDEO)

Aliens are well established within the Elite universe. Ancient ruins and unknown artifacts can be seen peppered throughout space, it’s an adventure that houses many mysteries. Unfortunately, they don’t provide…

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Tech Test

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Beta Tech Test for Multiplayer Officially Cancelled

Today is a sad day for fans of BioWare’s upcoming space odyssey, Mass Effect Andromeda. Revealed in a blog post today, BioWare developers have decided to cancel the upcoming beta…

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