Burger King PlayStation 5

Burger King PlayStation 5 Teaser Seemingly Confirms PS5 Start-Up Sound (VIDEO)

The release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X coming next month have already seen the usual expected signs of new video game devices, including pre-orders overwhelming websites and…

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Gabe Newell Valve

Valve’s Gabe Newell Says Xbox Series X Is Better Than PS5 (VIDEO)

The dawn of a new generation of video game consoles is nearly here, and once again, the tradition of console wars returns to the forefront of gaming culture. This year,…

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Xbox Specs Possibly Revealed For Two Next-Gen Consoles

As 2019 progresses, gamers and game-makers are looking to the next generation of video game devices, as it seems like this current one gradually closes. Sony appears to have begun…

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Mad Box

New Mad Box Console Concept Images Boast Sleek Touchscreen Design

Microsoft and Sony have long stood above the rest when it comes to high end console gaming. With the recently announced Mad Box quickly gaining traction, however, the two titans may…

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Xbox Scarlett

Rumor: New Xbox Scarlett Details and Specs Leaked (VIDEO)

While the current generation of consoles is quite impressive, new details have arrived from a source known for leaking Xbox information ahead of time that shows off the power of…

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