halo nerf master chief

Halo Nerf Guns Teased By Hasbro, Coming Later This Year

Nerf and Halo are a match made in heaven. After debuting a Fortnite-themed ones, Hasbros is teaming up with 343 Industries and friends to create a series of Halo Nerf …

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Latest Overwatch Update Nerfs Reaper, Sigma And More

It’s been a while since we have discussed the latest in Overwatch, but you can bet the developers over at Blizzard haven’t stopped monitoring the balance between heroes and deciding…

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Fortnite Hasbro Nerf Monopoly

Fortnite Confirms Line Of Nerf Blasters, Monopoly Board Game

Fortnite’s supreme popularity in the realm of gaming has been well-established for a while now, so much so the title has begun putting out a hefty assortment of updates as…

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Overwatch Nerf Line Adds D.Va's Iconic Pink Blaster, Coming Soon

Overwatch Nerf Line Adds D.Va’s Iconic Pink Blaster, Coming Soon

Just last month, Overwatch announced a partnership between foam gun company Nerf that culminated in the reveal of a Nerf version of Reaper’s gun, as part of the new Nerf…

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Overwatch Nerf Line Revealed During SDCC, First Look at Reaper’s Gun

Nerf has been around for quite some time allowing fans to fire foam darts at each other in battlefields constructed from their own imaginations. Some pretend they’re assassin’s or spies,…

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Overwatch Mercy

Overwatch: Mercy Nerf Inbound, Other Support Heroes Receiving Buffs

Overwatch’s Mercy has been no stranger to getting nerfed in recent months. That includes having her abilities nearly completely changed from what they were when the title was released. That…

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Overwatch Nerfs Junkrat

Overwatch Nerfs Junkrat And What Even Is Life Anymore?

When Overwatch nerfs Junkrat, things have spiraled out of control and there is no longer any order. Mercy changes are to be expected these days, (speaking of which, she totally…

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Overwatch’s Mercy Gets a Minor Nerf to Her Ultimate in PTR (VIDEO)

As a Mercy main, the news of an undocumented nerf to her Ultimate ability in the Public Test Realm was a bit of a shock, but do not fret little…

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