Pokemon Go Update Adds Free New Item – Details Here!

Latest Pokemon Go Update Adds Free Wardrobe Item, Bug Fixes, and More

When last we spoke of the augmented reality game Pokemon Go, Niantic had reintroduced some extremely helpful Raid Eggs to the rejoice of fans everywhere. It seems the developer’s giving streak…

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injustice 2 mobile wonder woman

Injustice 2 Mobile Now Available Ahead of Upcoming Console Version (VIDEO)

The hype train for NetherRealm Studios’ latest superhero brawler Injustice 2 has been chugging along for a few months now, releasing a long string of story-based trailers and detailing the fresh…

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Dynasty Warriors Makes Their Mobile Title Debut – Check Out the Trailer for the Free Game Here (VIDEO)

Dynasty Warriors is a franchise that has stood the test of time with the very first title making its debut to the world back in 1997 on the original PlayStation….

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Wild Warriors

Use Your Mobile Device to Help Save the World With ‘Wild Warriors’

Gaming on the go is far from a new concept. We’ve been blessed with Game Boys, Game Gears, Vitas, and even the latest console by Nintendo, the Switch. Nowadays, just about…

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Mobius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy Coming to PC with Final Fantasy VII Remake Crossover Event

Developers at Square Enix are best known for their long running Final Fantasy (FF) series. In 2016, the company released the mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy worldwide (released in June 2015 in Japan) for…

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Doctor Strange Works His Magic in Mobile Gaming – Top Marvel Games on the Go

It is no secret that Marvel has been ruling the big screen for years now, making comic books fans extremely happy to see the heroes they grew up with on…

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Nintendo Stocks Drop After Negative Reviews Surrounding Super Mario Run Release

After a weak release for Nintendo fans, Super Mario Run has delivered the mega-gaming company quite a blow to its financial ego since its initial launch, not as if they can’t recover….

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Lara Croft GO Possibly Coming to PS4 and VITA Soon

It appears that another mobile game is getting the PlayStation treatment very soon. Recently, Twitter user Wario64 spotted the inclusion of Lara Croft GO trophies online, and immediately took to the…

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Happy Hop – An Adorable New Mobile Game REVIEW

Put down your adorable animal videos and strap yourselves in for a cuteness overload! Happy Hop is an adorable, addictive, and easy to play mobile game.  Happy Hop is a simple…

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