Middle Earth Nemesis

Warner Bros. Is Trying To Patent Middle-Earth Nemesis System

Video game technology has rapidly evolved quickly throughout the medium’s history, and that has been especially true of the most recent generation of gaming. While hardware has been the most…

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Online Fight Pits

Shadow Of War Update Brings Online Fight Pits And More

Monolith Productions has announced a new update being released for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War that includes a new feature called Online Fight Pits. The highly rated action-adventure title includes a…

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middle earth backstory

Bruz The Chopper Breaks Down Middle Earth’s Backstory For Shadow Of War (VIDEO)

Three years have come and gone since the Shadow of Mordor was released. Enough time has passed that fans may need a refresher before they dive into Shadow of War….

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Middle-Earth Dev Honored as DLC Character in Shadow of War – Meet Forthog Orcslayer (VIDEO)

The developer behind Middle-Earth Shadow of War is paying tribute to fellow developer Michael “4G” Forgey is the most epic way possible by honoring his passing with a character made…

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Meet the Marauder Tribe in the Latest Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Trailer (VIDEO)

The highly anticipated sequel to Shadow of War is almost upon us and the team behind Middle-Earth: Shadow of War are not yet done showing fans what they have to…

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Xbox One S ‘Shadow of War’ Bundle Announced at Gamescom – New Trailer Monsters Revealed (VIDEO)

Gamescom kicks off its celebration a little early in Germany with Xbox holding their press conference today to let players know what’s to come in the coming months. We’ve got…

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Invade Other Player’s Game for an Online Takeover in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

It’s like multiplayer – but not. Though Middle-Earth: Shadow of War isn’t a multiplayer title, it will have a multiplayer-esque aspect to it similar to that of the base infiltrations…

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Is Shelob a Savior or an Enemy – New Shadow of War Trailer Shows Her in a New Light (VIDEO)

San Diego Comic Con is rife with news of returning favourites and brand new tales – from Nickelodeon’s nostalgic come-back, to awesome Spawn news, there’s a lot happening and for…

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Shadow of War developer

Shadow of War Developer Talks on the Stress of Creating a Sequel

Although a few years have passed since the release of Shadow of Mordor, fans will likely remember the surprising quality of the game. Most notable of the game’s features, the…

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Gameplay Walkthrough

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Gameplay Walkthrough Revealed – Dragon Mounts! (VIDEO)

YOU SHALL NOT PASS… this article up, if you’re eager to get your first glimpse at Middle Earth: Shadow of War! Just last week, after a surprising reveal that Middle…

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