Lord of the Rings

Lord Of The Rings Cast Reunion Digs Into Mordor Speech Meme (VIDEO)

The Lord of the Rings films are wonderful adventures throughout the lands of Tolkien’s imagination and hard work. The amazing scenes and incredible acting provide fans with a living, breathing,…

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Makes Gigantamax Meowth Look Like Longcat (VIDEO)

Pokemon Sword And Shield Makes Gigantamax Meowth Look Like Longcat (VIDEO)

Pokemon Sword and Shield versions have revived a 10+ year-old meme by making Gigantamax Meowth look like longcat! Remember longcat and how long he/she was? For those that don’t remember,…

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Leaked Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Poster Spawns Some Hilarious Memes

After the official Sonic the Hedgehog motion poster for the upcoming film was released, fans took to the internet to share their thoughts. However, just after that, another poster was…

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Elon Musk Fortnite

Elon Musk Fortnite Tweet Trolls Fans Through Meme

It is hard for anyone tapped into popular culture right now to not have been made familiar with the gaming craze that is Fortnite. The massively successful game has been…

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Fallout 76 - Soldier 76

Fallout 76 Reveal Opened The Humorous Soldier 76 Meme Floodgates

Bethesda’s recent reveal of Fallout 76 sent the internet ablaze. After a 24-hour livestream on Twitch that featured a Vault Boy bobblehead and occasional appearances by Bethesda’s staff, the “Please…

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There’s a Facepalm Captain Picard Collectible, and Yes – You Need It

That’s it … we did it. We’ve reached the end of cool shit because nothing will ever top this. All of those facepalming Captain Picard from Star Trek memes have…

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What Do You Meme? It’s Like Cards Against Humanity But With Sweet, Dank Memes

Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious and wildly inappropriate card game that revolves around a rotating selection on who comes up with the most hilarious match for cards. Now the…

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