Capcom Infinite Worker

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Worker Calls Out Marvel Demands, “A F–king Nightmare”

The latest of the intercompany Marvel Vs. Capcom crossovers wasn’t exactly a chart-topper when it initially released, but now it looks as though it wasn’t particularly fun behind the scenes…

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Monster Hunter Funko Pop Figures Now Available For Pre-Order

Fans of the popular RPG monster series have more to get excited about than just a new game coming in January. Monster Hunter Funko Pop figures have been announced as…

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Leaks Shows Off First Look At Venom

Ahead of the official reveal, Marvel vs. Capcom’s rendition of the popular villain Venom has been leaked ahead of schedule. In a very, very sneaky move – the first image…

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The Last Four Remaining Marvel VS Capcom Infinite DLC Characters Revealed

Soon, it’s going to be the big day for Capcom and its latest arcade style fighting game and to top off the already jam-packed roster of bloodshed and mayhem, they…

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See Jedah, Dormammu, Ghost Rider, and FireBrand in Action in New Marvel vs. Capcom Trailer (VIDEO)

For those looking to get their fight on in the new Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite title coming up, this latest trailer is definitely one not to be missed. The newest…

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Ghost Rider Officially Joins Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Vengeance is Coming – Ghost Rider Officially Joins Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

The roster for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite just seems to grow with each passing week. Even though leaks have more-or-less spoiled some of the bigger surprise additions, fans still find themselves…

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