Extended TV Spot Features a Fresh Look at the Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Film (VIDEO)

We’re just three months away from the release of the highly anticipated live-action remake of a Disney classic and our excitement can no longer be contained! After the initial trailer…

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Live Action Movie Gintama Trailer Releases Epic Visuals! (VIDEO)

Fans of the long running manga serial Gintama got the tease of a lifetime when cast announcements and character visuals were released for a live-action remake of the action/comedy story….

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Live Action Tokyo Ghoul Film Releases Teaser Image!

Ever since the June 2016 announcement that there would be a live action adaptation of the popular manga and anime series, Tokyo Ghoul, fans have been eagerly awaiting any new…

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Cast for the Live-Action Adaptation of Gintama Anime Revealed

More and more Japanese comics are being turned into live-action films or plays nowadays, aren’t they? First came the disappointing US release of Dragonball Evolution (2009), Rurouni Kenshin (2012), Attack on Titan…

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beauty and the beast trailer

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Newest Trailer Shatters Record for Most Views in 24 Hours (VIDEO)

Disney’s newest live-action remake is a tale as old as time and the Beauty and the Beast trailer is true as it can be. OK, OK – I’ll stop singing…

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Snow White: Disney’s Next Live Action Endeavor

Walt Disney Studios has been very busy as of late with the somewhat newly acquired Star Wars franchise, the Marvel franchise and their own branded film productions. One of their…

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Fan Film Shows Off Cable Before Deadpool 2 (VIDEO)

When Deadpool premiered in theaters earlier this year, fans who waited after the credits received an unexpected, but definitely welcome, bit of information about the film’s sequel. In true fourth…

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