PS5's Lack Of Web Browser Addressed By Sony

PS5’s Lack Of Web Browser Addressed By Sony

Overall the PS5 has had a decent start out of the gate, selling out in most places and being chiefly relegated to online-only availability on launch day. While reception for…

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Game Developers Are Worried About Net Neutrality, Comcast Issues Worrisome Statement

Net Neutrality’s potential removal is a scary thing. To put in simplified terms, it is essentially as if a company like EA is responsible for the internet. To have access…

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Wreck It Ralph 2 footage

First Wreck It Ralph 2 Footage Released at D23 – Watch it Here! (VIDEO)

While the film was not based on a specific video game franchise, Wreck It Ralph has frequently topped many online discussions about the best films centered around video games and…

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PlayStation 4 Firmware Update Issues

Oops! – PlayStation 4’s Latest Firmware Update Broke the Internet for Some Players

If you are an owner of a PlayStation 4 system, take caution when updating the latest firmware for your console. An update from Sony has had an unfortunate side effect…

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