Super Bernie World

Super Bernie World Gives Senator Bernie Sanders His Own Retro Platformer (VIDEO)

The 2020 Presidential election is well underway and the Democratic portion of the race has essentially been whittled down to two competitors: former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator…

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Superhot Director Announces Plans For Switch Port

Superhot Director Announces Plans For Nintendo Switch Port

Indie game Superhot offered an exciting, different take on your typical first-person shooter when it launched for PC and Xbox One back in 2016. The title turned even more heads…

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Pretend You’re Alive to Make It Through Dinner in This Surprisingly Difficult Zombie Game

The Chinese Room is about a zombie who has to convince a triad that they are alive in order to steal their secrets, but acting human when you are not…

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The Little Acre – An Upcoming Adorable Yet Touching Indie Game (VIDEO)

When it comes to video games, digital rendering and computer generated graphics are obviously the spice of life. While there is so much a game developer can do with a…

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Lost Ember: A Gorgeous Adventure Platformer Coming Soon (VIDEO)

Back in May, Mooneye Studios announced it would be releasing an indie platformer, conservatively titled “Lost Ember”. This upcoming release promised us an epic third-person exploration game reminiscent of titles…

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