Futurama Bender Flexo

Hulu’s Futurama Revival Might Recast Bender Voice Actor

Ending its run with 140 episodes under its belt, Futurama remains among the most beloved animated series out there, offering a near-limitless far-future premise, hilarious writing, and a talented cast…

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Marvel Netflix

Marvel Netflix Shows Officially Leaving Streaming Service This Month

Netflix may be known for the massive depth of content added to its library on a regular basis, but it appears some of the platform’s most popular ‘Originals’ are leaving…

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Hulu Confirmed To Reboot Animaniacs in November 2020

Hulu has recently confirmed that the Animaniacs reboot they had originally announced earlier this year for a two season run will be released just a few months way in November…

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Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles TV Series Adaptation Heads To Hulu

Since the late 1970s, Anne Rice’s ongoing series The Vampire Chronicles amassed a loyal following of dreamers and romantics of the vampire genre, indefinitely setting the pace for other authors…

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Hitman TV Show In The Works By John Wick Creator – Will Be A "Flagship" Hulu Series

Hitman TV Series In The Works Led By John Wick Creator

It wasn’t long ago when Hitman developer IO Interactive went independent, ending their long partnership with publisher Square Enix. One of the break-up’s takeaways was that IOI would retain all…

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Nintendo Switch Streaming Service

Nintendo Switch Welcomes First Streaming Service For The Portable Console

The Nintendo Switch has proven to be a successful enterprise so far for Nintendo, with many praising its ease of use and simple methods for switching from portable gaming mode…

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Netflix nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime Talks Netflix On Demand For The Nintendo Switch

It is no secret that Nintendo’s latest console is selling like crazy. With the Nintendo Switch’s latest update bringing features such as video capture and GameCube controller support, fans are…

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Hulu eSports

Four Hulu eSports Series From ESL Arriving Later This Fall

It looks like eSports is coming to subscription-based streaming service Hulu in a big way. The company has ordered four original series based on competitive video-gaming, marking its first step…

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Future Man

Back to the Future + First-Person Shooter = Seth Rogen’s Future Man (VIDEO)

Imagine for a moment that you are a janitor by day and an elite gamer by night. Now add a healthy serving of time travel and a whole lot of…

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Castle Rock

First Teaser Released for JJ Abrams/Stephen King Series Castle Rock (VIDEO)

A new drama is on the horizon from Hulu. Stephen King and JJ Abrams are coming together to bring fans Castle Rock, an anthology named after the fictional town featured in…

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