GTA Trilogy San Andreas

GTA Trilogy: Infamous “Hot Coffee” Minigame Reportedly Found In Files

Collecting the most popular of Rockstar’s PS2-era projects, a remaster of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas has finally driven to release. Though anticipated at first, the so-called ‘Grand…

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Grand Theft Auto Remastered

Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

After recently teasing the awaited games’ release, developer Rockstar Games has now officially pulled back the curtain on its planned Grand Theft Auto remastered trilogy. Officially titled Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy…

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Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy

Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy Announced By Rockstar

Few games have been as successful, infamous and ubiquitous with video gaming in the 21st century as the Grand Theft Auto series, and it continues to fulfill those metrics well….

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GTA Trilogy Remaster Reportedly Releasing In 2022

GTA Trilogy Remaster Reportedly Releasing In 2022

It was previously reported that a remastered trilogy collection is in the works consisting of Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas. The reports of a GTA Trilogy…

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GTA San Andreas Remasters

GTA 3, Vice City, And San Andreas Remasters Reportedly In Development

As the newest generation of video game hardware continues to find growth and success this year, the biggest game publishers have been looking to bring games that support these fresh…

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grand theft auto iii

Today in Gaming History: Grand Theft Auto III Helps Brings ‘Open World’ to the Mainstream

The early 2000s saw a rise in popularity of open world gaming, thanks in a large part (not solely) by Grand Theft Auto III. Though the series had been known for its arcade-style 2D…

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