The Future of ‘Total War’ – Eager to Explore New Era In History

The Historical side of Creative Assembly Total War franchise has been around for well over a decade. We’ve seen Total War titles come from an assortment of historical eras such as Feudal Japan, the Roman Republic, Medieval Europe, and have even included more modern eras such as the Napoleonic Wars, and the Revolutionary War. Most recent in the lineup was Medieval Total War II, returning the the setting of Europe during the Dark Ages. However, regardless of the success of the “Sequel games,” (such as Medieval Total War II, Rome Total War: Attila and Rome Total War II) Creative Assembly is going to explore an entirely new Era in History for their next historical release.

Brand director Rob Bartholomew communicated that the team was in fact “working on an era we haven’t tackled yet.”

Total War

The Total War franchise has made it a point to create engaging games focused on turn based strategy and historical events. From the global conquest of Alexander the Great to the American Revolution, Total War has let players experience the events of history from a strategists position and gives the players a unique spin on strategy based games. Although the next game in the Total War historical lineup is still in pre-production stages many speculations have been made as to the chosen era for the next Total War historical release. One popular opinion is China during the Three Kingdoms period.

The Total War franchise is something that I personally have invested hundreds of hours into trying to conquer the world whilst maintaining a soluble and stable social, economical, and political environment for my faction. There is really no substitute for the experience these games have to offer. What experiences have you had with the Total War games? Also we’d love to hear some input on the speculation of the new era, what do you think it’s going to be? Let us know in the comments. If you like this article check out the latest news on Civilization 6 here at Don’t Feed the Gamers. Until next time, happy conquering.

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