Activision Blizzard Offers Investors A Scarily Tone Deaf Statement Following Mass Layoffs

When Activision Blizzard laid off over 800 employees following a 15 million dollar bonus prior for the company’s CEO and a mighty boast about an “incredible” sales period, the gaming…

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E3 2018 Hours

New E3 2018 Hours Announced To Accommodate Both Industry and Public Guests

One of the most noticeable factors that made E3 this past year different from previous years was the inclusion of access to the show floor to the general public. In…

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Michael Condrey Reflects On Visceral Games’ Closure, Thoughts On Current Gaming Industry

When EA pulled the plug on Visceral Games, the studio working on the single-players Star Wars title that had many of us intrigued, it seemed to kick off a huge…

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Game Developers Are Worried About Net Neutrality, Comcast Issues Worrisome Statement

Net Neutrality’s potential removal is a scary thing. To put in simplified terms, it is essentially as if a company like EA is responsible for the internet. To have access…

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Possible Trade Tariff may have Strong Impact on Gaming Industry

As the transition between administrations continue in the US, many changes are expected to roll out with far reaching effects on industries both foreign and domestic. Among the changes made…

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Overwatch Voice Actor Crispin Freeman Speaks Out About Strike: “Things Must Change!”

SAG-AFTRA (The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) strikes have continued since October 21st, 2016. Though not as fervently or in public spaces, voice actors still demand…

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Voice Actors Unite: Picket Date Set for SAG-AFTRA Strike

[Original story can be found here] You may have heard in the passing week of an possible SAG-AFTRA Strike coming soon. SAG-AFTRA has been in negotiations with the video gaming industry…

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