Hideo Kojima Interview Promises “Big Thing” For Cloud Gaming and Streaming

One of the biggest signs of the future of the gaming industry recently has been the rise of game streaming services and cloud gaming as a service for new and…

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Apple Arcade Game Subscription Service Officially Revealed (VIDEO)

Apple Gaming Subscription Service Revealed, ‘Arcade’ (VIDEO)

It seems like everyone and their mom is planning their own game subscription service these days, with Google Stadia making an unmistakable impression and the likes of Walmart and Verizon…

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Apple Game Streaming

Apple Game Streaming Service Rumored To Be Announced This Week

Google took the gaming industry by storm with its announcement of its Stadia streaming service last week, leaving many to ponder over the future of video games. With Google making…

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Google Stadia Internet Speed

Google Stadia Internet Speed Requirements Announced

Google took the world by surprise this week with the announcement of Google Stadia, their foray into video gaming by way of a cloud streaming platform. Some have been skeptical…

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Google Stadia What

Ten Names Google Could Have Gone With Instead of Stadia

Google made its first step towards turning the gaming world on its head earlier this week when they announced Stadia, their video game streaming platform. While the tech seems mighty…

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Microsoft Announces “Project xCloud” Game Streaming Service (VIDEO)

Microsoft finally announces the official through official avenues that a brand new game streaming service will make way in the industry. Earlier this Summer at E3 2018, Phil Spencer and…

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Gamefly Announces Shut Down Of Video Game Streaming Service

Gamefly will be shutting down its streaming service at the end of August next month.  According to Variety, the service will be supported until August 31st.  Accounts with streaming service…

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