Ten Names Google Could Have Gone With Instead of Stadia

Google Stadia What

Google made its first step towards turning the gaming world on its head earlier this week when they announced Stadia, their video game streaming platform. While the tech seems mighty fancy, and the company appears to be offering gamers an incredible way in which to play games, only time will tell how everything plays out. That said, what is up with the name? Why Stadia? Couldn’t they have gone with something… better?

Well, as most of you have likely guessed or looked up by now, stadia is the plural form of stadium. Sure, the name works for what Google is pushing. The plethora of layers that will go into the connectivity between devs to content creators to consumers to viewers to gamers to everyone else involved kind of fits with the idea of combining a stadium with another stadium and so on and so forth. With that in mind, here are 10 names Google could have used instead of Stadia if they didn’t want to confuse people:

Google Nexus

Sure, we’re aware of the phones, but now that Pixel has taken over that side of Google, it would be the perfect time to resurrect the name and place it on something more fitting. Imagine heading into The Nexus when you want to get down on a 12-hour gaming session. Sounds a whole lot better than jumping into the Stadia.

Google Link

This one is fairly obvious considering the fact that Stadia will aim to link everyone together. Plus, it just has a nicer ring than Google Stadia.

Google Mecca

I mean, Google wants to attract people to their fancy streaming platform, right? Why not label it as the Mecca of gaming from the get-go and possibly trick the non-believers into believing it’s the place to be? Who the hell is going to hear of Google Stadia and immediately think that is where they need to be? Nobody.

Google Hub

What? It’s going to be the central hub for video game streaming, right? Well, people know what a hub is.

Google One

Yes, it’s another Google name that is already in use by the company, but hear me out. Google One is the number one destination for gaming. Google One is the hot spot for gaming-related entertainment, be it watching, playing, etc. Nothing much beats playing on GO, and with an acronym like that, how could you not convey the immediacy that the platform offers any better? Alternatively, it could be called Google Won, because if this all works out like it’s supposed to, it’ll be hard to argue that Google, well… wins.

Google Base

It’s meant to be the home base of operations when it comes to all things gaming. Content creators either streaming games or making Let’s Play videos, fans and casual viewers watching them and jumping directly into the games they are watching. It’s the place meant to be home to video game streaming and everything that encompasses. It’s supposed to be… a Google Base.

Google Fulcrum

Honestly, this one only partially makes sense. It’s just really fun to say and should have been considered in higher regard than Stadia.

The G Spot

It’s bold. It’s daring. It certainly will grab just about anyone’s attention. It may be difficult to locate at first, but once users find it, they’ll be high in the gaming clouds.

Google Stream

Another obvious choice, but one that definitely places the focus on the streaming aspect of Google’s new platform. It’s one thing to get some hit franchises like DOOM and Assassin’s Creed and their respective developers on board with the concept, but the tech better deliver. If the stream isn’t there, the people certainly won’t be. Then again, will they come to Stadia?

Google Games

This is easily the best option they could have gone with. It’s clear and to the point that Google is all about the video games. Plus, Google Games… GG… G f**king G… What were you thinking, Google? Stadia?! Google Games could have shot to the top of the gaming stratosphere without even launching. It would have been perfect.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rabbit hole of better names than Stadia, because I sure have! If it’s less-satirical gaming goodness that you are after, however, please check out the following:

What say you, gamers? Do you think any of these names are actually better than Stadia, or is Google’s choice perfectly acceptable? What do you believe the streaming platform should be called? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!


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