Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Players Might Be Going To The Moon, According To Reports

There are a handful of titles that are currently in that weird hype train limbo phase, where people are excited, but still don’t quite understand what’s happening. One game that…

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Cyberpunk 2077 Game

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Reportedly Be A First-Person Shooter

CD Projekt RED has been a big name in the role playing genre with The Witcher series, having earned sizable success with their acclaimed trilogy of titles. The games are…

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Deadmau5 Video Game Currently Being Developed (VIDEO)

It’s not uncommon for established artists to switch up mediums from time to time. Sculptors hit the canvas with some paint, photographers take up drawing, actors put out music albums,…

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Ubisoft Reflections Announces Atomega – A Unique Multiplayer FPS (VIDEO)

Ubisoft Reflections, which is responsible for the titles Grow Home and Grow Up, has just announced a brand new multiplayer online first-person shooter (FPS) titled Atomega. Instead of the typical gun-wielding soldier, players will…

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Project 1v1

Borderlands Developer Gearbox Announces New Game ‘Project 1v1’

Developing studio Gearbox Software has made an announcement about an upcoming game. No, it’s not about Borderlands 3. The company has announced a new title that is codenamed Project 1v1, and it will…

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Killing Floor 2 Feature

Zombie Co-Op Shooter ‘Killing Floor 2’ Headed to Xbox One Next Month

Nothing builds friendships quite like slaying hordes of zombies and now it seems that Xbox One players are about to get in on that favored past time. Tripwire Interactive’s first-person…

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Celebrate 15 Years of The Master Chief with 343 Industries Halo Anniversary Livestream Event

Can you believe it’s been 15 years since we were introduced to the world of Halo and the Master Chief? That’s right folks, Halo: Combat Evolved was released in 2001….

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Free DLC and No Season Passes for Titanfall 2 Says Developer

In a post to their official blog today, developer Respawn Entertainment announced that their first-person shooter Titanfall 2 will have completely free downloadable content (DLC). The post itself was to…

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