Resident Evil Reboot Producer

Resident Evil Movie Loses Producer James Wan

Hollywood is currently filled to the brim with film adaptations of popular video games currently in production. One of the more high profile projects in the works is the reboot…

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Werewolves Within

Child Of Light And Werewolves Within Movie Adaptations In the Works, Ubisoft Reveals

The past few years have been an exciting time for gamers looking to see their favorite video games brought to life on the silver screen and streaming services, and there…

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Rampage Trailer

First Official Rampage Movie Trailer Brings The Arcade Classic To Life (VIDEO)

With TV and film being increasingly eager to adapt classic franchises for the big and small screens in the hopes of appealing to the nostalgia of maturing generations, video games…

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Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Rights

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Heading to the Big Screen Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

The past few years in the film industry have seen a significant influx of film adaptations of popular video games, mostly projects based on more recent video game franchises. Films…

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First Trailer for the Film Adaptation of the Manga “Death Note” Drops – Watch Here (VIDEO)

When news first broke out that Netflix picked up the rights to a new film based off of the popular manga/anime series Death Note, it was met by two distinct…

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Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid Movie Still in the Works – May Go the Deadpool Route Says Film’s Director

A huge fear of every gamer is to have a poorly constructed movie adaptation of their favorite video game. Unfortunately, more often than not that seems to be the case, as…

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Gotham City Sirens – Here’s What You Should Know About it!

In the on-going battle of comic book movies, the DC Cinematic Universe has an ace up its sleeve. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken the Hollywood stars by storm,…

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