Dungeons And Dragons TV Series 'Relics And Rarities' Revealed (VIDEO)

Dungeons And Dragons TV Series ‘Relics And Rarities’ Revealed (VIDEO)

Hold onto your hats folks, a new Dungeons and Dragons series has just been announced that is sure to inject some awesomeness into the early months of 2019. Announced by…

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Dungeons and Dragons Summer Camp

Dungeons And Dragons Summer Camp Teaches Tabletop Skills To Kids

While Dungeons and Dragons has always been a widely recognized facet of nerd culture since its creation in the 70s, it has seen a greater resurgence in mainstream appeal in…

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Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons

Rick And Morty Vs. Dungeons & Dragons Comic Series Arriving Soon

The Rick and Morty fandom continues to grow, despite the long wait fans will still have to endure until the next season premieres. With an increasingly passionate fanbase naturally comes…

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Critical Role Miniatures

More Critical Role Miniatures Planned For The Future

Tabletop gaming has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, especially due to the presence of tabletop-focused shows on the internet. Many YouTube channels have invited viewers to watch…

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Dark Souls Dungeons & Dragons

Dark Souls Dungeons & Dragons Crossover Receives Awesome Artwork

The role-playing fun of Dungeons & Dragons has seen a glorious resurgence in popularity in recent years, one that has also seen an inhuman amount of creativity spawn from its…

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Dungeons And Dragons Announces A Brand New Story Of Waterdeep Adventure

Wizards of the Coast announced a brand new Dungeons and Dragons storyline to hit the shelves, one of eerie deep waters and creatures of the sea – Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. To…

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Dungeons & Dragons Hawaiian Shirt Now Available, Because Why Not?

We’re getting into the warmer months now and it’s time to finally shuck those winter coats and fish out those worn out flip flops. For table top connoisseurs like ourselves,…

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This Unsettling Dungeons & Dragons Theory Suggests That 'Life Is But A Dream' (VIDEO)

This Unsettling Dungeons & Dragons Theory Suggests That ‘Life Is But A Dream’ (VIDEO)

A new Dungeons & Dragons theory has surfaced that will make you question everything you know about the popular dice game. The theory in question comes from a video posted…

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These Edible Dice Are Perfect For Long D&D Sessions

These Edible Dice Are Perfect For Long D&D Sessions

Many of you tabletop gamers out there know how much can potentially ride on the roll of the dice. Sometimes you’ll be blessed with a few great rolls, though other…

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Chris McKay

Nightwing Director Chris McKay In Talks For Dungeons & Dragons Film

The modern day and age of popular blockbuster films and television shows seems to be heavily populated with adaptations of properties once thought to be reserved only for those invested…

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