Hideo Kojima Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima Already Set Death Stranding Release Date – Plus Thoughts on VR (VIDEO)

When Hideo Kojima took the stage at E3 2016 to show the world the first teaser for Death Stranding, audiences were uniformly excited and confused. The trailer provided very little in terms of…

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Hideo Kojima Describes Death Stranding As a New Idea That’s Best for the Market

Hideo Kojima’s first independent game is practically a mystery. We know the cast of Death Stranding and we have gotten glimpses into the underlying themes behind the game, but he’s…

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Guillermo del Toro Death Stranding

Guillermo del Toro Not “Involved Creatively” with Death Stranding

Ever since the very obscure trailer for Kojima Productions‘ Death Stranding was shown at the 2016 E3 conference, we have all been patiently awaiting further details about the game. Details are definitely…

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F**K Konami Greetings

Del Toro Tweets Holiday/F**k Konami Greetings

While this most wonderful time of the year is coming to a close, there is another warm celebration that you can still greet others with heartily throughout the year. I…

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Death Stranding Upside Down Rainbow

Death Stranding Upside Down Rainbow Appears in Argentina in Real Life

The Death Stranding trailers so far have probably left viewers with more questions than concrete answers about the upcoming Kojima Productions game. The footage we’ve seen so far has featured…

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Former Konami President, Shinji Hirano, Joins Kojima Productions as President

Talk about throwing more shade at Konami, this year, am I right? Not at the fault of anybody else, of course. Just corporate politics, unfortunately. Questionable corporate politics. With all the…

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Duel Death Stranding Trailers Oddly Sync Up – More to the Puzzle? (VIDEO)

Hideo Kojima, famed creator of the Metal Gear franchise, has created a veritable puzzle box surrounding the Death Stranding trailers that have been thus far released. The aspects of the…

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Death Stranding to Use Decima Engine, Guerrilla Games Confirm During PSX 2016 Panel (VIDEO)

As soon as Death Stranding’s second trailer was released today at PSX, the internet has been ablaze with hype. Hideo Kojima wasn’t firm as to which engine he wanted Kojima…

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Death Stranding

Low Roar’s Music from Death Stranding’s Trailers Headed to Vinyl

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard of gaming icon Hideo Kojima’s current work in progress, Death Stranding. Kojima gave us our first tease of the upcoming game at…

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Guillermo Del Toro Had Some Choice Words for Konami, F**k You!

Guillermo del Toro, the film director, producer, screenwriter, and novelist, is definitely not over his grudge against Konami. With titles such as Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade II, Hellboy 1 & 2,…

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