Dead Rising Studio Officially Closed As Capcom Anticipates Losses

Dead Rising Studio Officially Closed By Capcom

It looks like the dead are staying dead for the foreseeable future. Following reported staff cuts earlier this year, Capcom has officially announced the closure of their Vancouver studio behind…

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Capcom laid off

Capcom Laid Off Several Dead Rising Studio Staff, Cuts Scope On The Next Game

Capcom Vancouver is making huge changes to the company recently and an inside source has revealed just what those changes entail. The company has been working tirelessly on the next…

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PS4 Release for Dead Rising 4 Announced Alongside New “Frank’s Big Package” Expansion (VIDEO)

Capcom has officially announced that Dead Rising 4, the latest installment in the Dead Rising series, will be coming to PlayStation 4 alongside a brand new and simultaneous introduction of…

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Marvel VS Capcom Infinite New Characters: Spider-Man, Frank West, Nemesis, Haggar

SDCC Trailer for Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Reveals Spider-Man, Nemesis, and More (VIDEO)

The holy grail of pop culture conventions, San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) is well underway and with it comes some spectacular announcements. One such announcement comes in the form of a…

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New Humble Bundle Includes Resident Evil HD, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising and More

Humble bundles are a great way for gamers to get titles they’ve been drooling over all the while supporting a good cause. The proceeds from these purchased packs are split…

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Capcom Humble Store Sale

Capcom Humble Store Sale Discounts on Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Dead Rising Games End Tomorrow

Be merry, digital consumers! I come bringing tidings of discounts for all people! For unto you is available this day on the Humble Store a sale which is rather substantial!…

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The last Guardian December 2016

Full List of Games Coming Out in December 2016

We still have a month left before we say goodbye to 2016, but until then, there are numerous games to look forward to for the upcoming holiday season. From Mario’s first…

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Dead Rising 4 to Release Without a Cooperative Multiplayer, Except…

Dead Rising 4 will be doing away with, yet, another feature – the cooperative multiplayer mode – along with their signature time restricted campaign. During a live Twitch stream a few days…

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FFXV and Dead Rising Parody Red Dead Teaser – Spoofs are Everywhere

UPDATE TO ORIGINAL STORY: The official announcement dropped at 06:00 PT on October 18th that we will see a Red Dead Redemption 2 title drop in Fall of 2017. Perhaps…

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