Kenny Omega Destiny 2 Cosplay

WATCH: Pro Wrestler Kenny Omega Faces Chris Jericho In Destiny 2 Cosplay

New Japan Pro Wrestling recently held their annual Wrestle Kingdom event at the Tokyo Dome and promised to have one of the most exciting matches in recent memory: IWGP Champion Kenny Omega…

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Cosplay Studio Creates Stunning Destiny 2 Sunshot Hand Cannon Replica (GALLERY)

Over the past few years, cosplay has garnered so much attention in the eyes of media that models and hobbyists are even hired by the developers and organizations to create…

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Nintendo Switch cosplay

Playable Nintendo Switch Cosplay Is Hitting All Of The Right Buttons

Given the unique hardware that comprises the Nintendo Switch, the creative fan responses to the hybrid portable/home console have been perhaps unparalleled on the modern social networking aspect of gaming…

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This Legend of Zelda: BotW Mipha Cosplay Takes it to the Next Level (GALLERY)

Step aside Prince Sidon, there’s another Zora in town and she is FIERCE! This cosplay of the Zora Princess and Champion is amazingly done and will make any Breath of…

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Fallout: New Vegas Cosplayer

Fallout: New Vegas Cosplayer Mistaken for a Terrorist in Canada – OOPS!

A cosplayer in Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada got a little more attention than he bargained for when headed off to see his tailor. This was because he was wearing his…

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Cosplay Corner: Mass Effect Andromeda Character Kits Now Available – More on the Way

Gaming is an exciting world and it isn’t just limited to what is on the screen. There are graphic novels, books, art, collectibles, and so much more that lets these…

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Lord Have “Mercy” – This Overwatch Cosplay is Proof that Heroes Never Die! (Video)

If you thought you saw all of the best Overwatch cosplay when we covered BlizzCon 2016, think again. Overwatch has a very passionate fan base with new cosplays based off the…

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Female Hanzo Cosplay Rocks Blizzcon 2016 like the Dragon

Blizzcon 2016 was an amazing time for numerous reasons, especially some of the big news we got from the team at Blizzard concerning Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and more! Not only…

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Sailor Moon Warrior Cosplay Arrives in Time To Beat the Con Season Rush

No convention is complete without a cosplay of Sailor Moon (and the rest of the scouts, respectively). But if you’re looking to really dazzle congoers next year, consider this art…

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DFTG Meets SFX Make-Up at NekoCon ’16

When cosplaying, there’s nothing like adding the key elements, such as scars, bruises and other identifying markings that make or break your character. While my time at NekoCon, I was…

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