Archie Gets the CW Treatment in First Promo for ‘Riverdale’ (VIDEO)

After 75 years, Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica will jump from the pages of the beloved comic onto the small screen. The show, Riverdale, will be a modern take on the comics…

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CineFix Brings Doctor Strange Into the 8-Bit World (VIDEO)

Damn, CineFix…back at it again with 8-Bit Cinema! The very same folks who have brought you 8-bit renditions of such classic hits as The Revenant, Pulp Fiction, and The Shawshank…

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DFTG Cosplay Feature – Interview with Ezmeralda Von Katz

We recently had the opportunity and privilege to speak with Amanda Fehlner for our Cosplay Feature. An Omaha native and extremely creative costume designer for a local community theater, she is…

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Overwatch: First Strike Graphic Novel Is A No Go

Earlier today on the battle.net forums, lead writer Michael Chu dropped some heavy news regarding the Overwatch: First Strike graphic novel. In the post he states the following: Bummer! The…

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The Green Hornet Makes A Gritty Comeback With New Reboot

The Green Hornet franchise started as a 1930’s radio drama which moved into comic form in the 1940’s and then shifted again to television in the 1960’s in a series…

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Marvel’s Inhumans TV Series to Debut in IMAX Theaters

A television series featuring the race of comic book heroes, the Inhumans, has been given the go-ahead from Marvel Television and is set to premiere in IMAX theaters next fall. After months of speculation,…

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Sandman Film Might be Put Back to Bed

The Sandman, if you’ve never heard of it, is frequently lauded as one of the greatest comic book series ever made, often mentioned alongside titans like Watchmen and Maus. Written…

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Thoughts On New Marvel’s Dr. Strange Movie (Review – Spoiler Free)

Marvel Studios latest film, Dr. Strange, dropped onto the scene last week to generally positive praise. The titular character, Steven Strange, is played by the increasingly prolific Benedict Cumberbatch and…

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Goosebumps Author R.L. Stine is Writing for Marvel

For many of us, Goosebumps was a childhood favorite. For many of us still, the spooky tales may have even found themselves stacked haphazardly amidst some of our favorite comics. Though, were…

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Serenity Crew Flies Their Way to Print

Firefly and Serenity belong to, arguably, the most endearing universe ever put to the screen, and both were conceived and directed by nerd culture sweetheart Joss Whedon. Fans of Firefly were inevitably disappointed…

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