Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford’s Personal Assistant Stole Millions From Him

The gaming industry has many recognizable faces that gamers associate with their favorite developers, and one of the most well known in recent years has been Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford….

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Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Intense Action At Bethesda E3 Presentation (VIDEO)

Fans anticipating more on Rage 2 were not disappointed at this years Bethesda E3 presentation. Seamless transitions between cinematics and gameplay throw players from featured moments into intense gaming action. The…

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Gearbox Job Listing

Borderlands 3 May Not Have A Release Date Until 2020

The massive Wal-Mart leak that prematurely outed several video games titles upcoming and unannounced was likely one of the biggest as of late. What made the entire fiasco more enticing is…

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Borderlands Talking Claptrap Talking Car Charger Now Available, For Those ‘Not-Dead’ Vault Hunters

Everybody’s favourite mistake from the iconic Borderlands series, Claptrap, is back and smaller than ever! Why charge your phone with a boring old car charger when instead you can have…

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Borderlands 3, Rage 2, And Tons More Revealed In Massive Retail Leak

This either has to be one big uh-oh from Walmart somewhere within their chain of operations or they were hacked. Either way, there are some exciting news headed this way…

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Alleged Borderlands 3 Reveal Date Leaked Ahead of E3

One of the most beloved franchises to come out of the PS3/Xbox 360 generation of video games has been the Borderlands series. The first person shooter gameplay, matched with the…

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Hand-Painted Borderlands Masks On Sale Now For 40% For A Limited Time!

Now you can let out  your inner pyscho with these brand new hand-panted resin makes from the iconic (and delightfully weird) Borderlands franchise. Whether you want to harness your inner…

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Steam Winter Sales Continue By Ringing In The New Year

As gamers fire up their systems for the first time in 2018 and reflect on the past and future, know that Steam Winter Sales are still around to distract you…

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Borderlands 2 Figures

Check Out These Awesome Borderlands 2 Figures From McFarlane Toys (GALLERY)

Listen up, Vault Hunters – there is glorious loot to be had. After exploring the vast landscapes that Pandora has to offer, what could be better than bringing a bit…

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2K Games Hiring

2K Games Hiring First-Person Shooter Team For Unannounced Game

A handful of employment opportunities have recently appeared on 2K Games’ website. Covering a plethora of positions, the listings point towards an unannounced AAA first-person shooter. Is another entry into…

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