Overwatch: Ashe’s Origin Story Reveals A Ruthless Renegade (VIDEO)

BlizzCon 2018 revealed plenty of awesome new content coming to Blizzard’s major titles and Overwatch was no exception. Introducing Ashe, a member of the Deadlock gang, fans got a chance…

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Overwatch: Ashe Now Available On The PTR (VIDEO)

Overwatch: Ashe And B.O.B Are Now Available On The PTR (VIDEO)

After a stellar reveal trailer that aired during BlizzCon 2018, the latest Overwatch hero, Ashe, has a lot of fans excited to test both her and B.O.B out on the…

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Overwatch: Ashe's B.O.B Almost Didn't Make It Into The Game

Overwatch: Ashe’s B.O.B Almost Didn’t Make It Into The Game

The opening ceremony for BlizzCon 2018 is now firmly behind us, having brought us exciting reveals such as Diablo Immortal, the upcoming Warcraft III remaster, and, er, special edition BlizzCon…

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Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic Will See Return Of Gates Of Ahn’Qiraj

Next summer will mark the release of World of Warcraft Classic, a recreation of the original 2006 game as fans remember it. Fans who may have been wondering what the…

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World of Warcraft: Tides Of Vengeance Announced As First Major Update Since Battle For Azeroth

With Battle for Azeroth having released earlier this year, fans are now looking forward to the next big update for World of Warcraft. BlizzCon 2018 has been dropping tons of info…

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Her Universe Overwatch

Overwatch And World of Warcraft Team Up With Her Universe For Amazing Apparel

Another BlizzCon has arrived and with it the benevolent overlords at Blizzard Entertainment have gifted the fans of their popular franchises with loads of new announcements. Among the big announcements…

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World of Warcraft Classic

World Of Warcraft Classic Arrives Next Summer

This year’s BlizzCon festivities commenced with a fantastic start, bringing phenomenal news for Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, and more to the table. There’s even a special edition beer attendees can try out…

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Overwatch Lucio-Oh’s Cereal Coming Soon And It’ll Have You Feel That Healing Beat (VIDEO)

Amp up your morning routine with Lucio-Oh’s, the breakfast cereal that Blizzard has been teasing for quite a few months now when the initial leak came about early October. Despite…

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World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth 'Lost Honor' Cinematic Revealed (VIDEO)

World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth ‘Lost Honor’ Cinematic Revealed (VIDEO)

The latest World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth went live this past August and offered one of the MMO’s biggest expansions in recent memory. Not only had it premiered a…

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Diablo Immortal Revealed At BlizzCon 2018 (VIDEO)

Diablo Immortal Revealed At BlizzCon 2018 (VIDEO)

Today brought with it tons of exciting new video game reveals courtesy of BlizzCon 2018, with the titular publisher Blizzard exciting fans throughout many of its series with Overwatch animated…

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