Avengers: Endgame Passes Avatar As Highest-Grossing Movie Ever

Ever since Marvel Studios began their string interconnected films in 2008’s Iron Man, there has seemingly been no ceiling for how much success the company can achieve. Marvel’s April release,…

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Magic The Gathering Netflix Series Coming From Avengers Endgame Directors

Magic the Gathering is already a medium that many people rock to this day, the fantasy-based card game having been one of the more popular tabletop institutions since its origins…

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Fortnite: How to Collect Infinity Stones In New Avengers Endgame Event (VIDEO)

Following a few days of teasing, Marvel’s imminent release of Avengers Endgame has called forth an all-new mode in the battle royale title Fortnite. Fittingly dubbed the “Endgame” LTM, players…

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Fortnite Teases Avengers Endgame Official Crossover Event

There’s a little movie coming out in a few days, a small indie production that a few people may have heard of titled Avengers Endgame. Okay. Jokes aside, the upcoming…

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Fortnite Devs Teasing New Avengers Endgame Crossover Event

The battle royale genre currently features oodles of iterations these days, with everyone from DICE’s Battlefield V to Respawn’s Apex Legends providing unique spins on the well traveled mode. However,…

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Apex Legends And Avengers Endgame Collide In New Fan Trailer (VIDEO)

Respawn Entertainment is currently kicking tail with Apex Legends. After only a month past release the battle royale title has amassed over 50 million players worldwide, all seeing regular updates…

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New Avengers Endgame Trailer Revealed, Now With a Thor-Approved Captain Marvel (VIDEO)

Avengers Endgame will see Marvel’s mightiest superheroes re-assemble following the wrath of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, with previous trailers confirming the likes of Captain America, Black Widow and Ant-Man…

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Avengers 4 Finally Reveals First Trailer, Official Title (VIDEO)

The whole of the MCU was at stake in this year’s crossover film Avengers: Infinity War, with Thanos’ snappy delivery of doom looming large over all reality. Those who witnessed…

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