Mass Effect Andromeda Inside Look at Weapons/Combat Gameplay – Watch Here (VIDEO)

The team over at BioWare knows how to get our Pathfinder blood pumping and they did just that today with a brand new video showcasing weapons, combat, movement, and more…

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More Mass Effect Andromeda Screens Revealed – Salarians, New Asari, Krogans, and More!

New Mass Effect Andromeda screenshots have been revealed on Twitter and they are stunning! The photo-set includes Asari, Papa Ryder, the Salarian pilot, Krogan, and more! The pictures are absolutely…

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New Mass Effect Trailer Showcases Andromeda Multiplayer Gameplay (VIDEO)

There have been a lot of teasers and amazing trailers to give pathfinders their taste of adventure before the upcoming BioWare release of Mass Effect Andromeda. In the latest trailer,…

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BioWare Formally Introduces a Few More Companions with New Mass Effect Andromeda Brief

BioWare has been releasing their “Andromeda Initiative” training videos for a few months now and each one gives a detailed inside look to what the latest space adventure will have…

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Even More Mass Effect Andromeda Pop Funko Figures Revealed – Full Collection Here

Earlier in the week the innovative team over at Funko revealed a long line of incoming Pop Funko figures. These chibi-sized recreations of iconic characters are not only adorable, but…

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Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

New Mass Effect: Andromeda Official Cinematic Trailer Reveals the Kett Archon (VIDEO)

Mass Effect just dropped the latest Andromeda official cinematic trailer today, revealing even more epic details to the upcoming game. The first four of the Pathfinder crew was revealed to the…

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Andromeda Beta

Mass Effect Andromeda Beta for Multiplayer Coming Soon

The time is drawing nearer – the highly anticipated release of BioWare’s latest space RPG, Mass Effect Andromeda, is set to release March 21 (March 23rd EU) and fans couldn’t…

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Andromeda Lead Actors

The ‘Sibling Rivalry’ is Strong Between the Mass Effect: Andromeda Lead Actors

Sibling rivalries have been going on since siblings were ever a thing. Sure, we can’t really prove it, but let’s face it, if you have siblings, you know there is…

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PC Requirements for BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda Expected to be Revealed Soon

With the lengthy and detailed gameplay trailer released at last year’s video game awards, and a much smaller scale demo at 2017 CES show, there is plenty to be excited…

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CES Mass Effect Andromeda Spotlight – Latest Gameplay DEMO Dropped (VIDEO)

So it seems that every week here at DFTG we are saying something about BioWare’s latest space title, Mass Effect: Andromeda. If it seems that way, it’s because it is true…

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