The Incredible Career of John Hurt – A DFTG Writer Tribute

It seemed that 2016 took so many influential entertainers from us. Legends in their crafts from film, to television, and even the music that fuels our souls. We may not…

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Sci-Fi Mashup

The Alien Hordes Take on Vader’s Fist in this Epic Sci-Fi Mashup

If you are a fan of science fiction (Sci-Fi) then it’s a safe bet to say you have seen Star Wars at some point, it might also be safe to…

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BREAKING- Alien: Covenant Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Following a trail of mysterious images released from the set Ridley Scott’s newest film project and then a 15 second teaser that was released early on the morning of December…

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Alien: Covenant Trailer

BREAKING – Alien: Covenant Trailer Announced OFFICIAL (VIDEO)

Over the last few days Alien Anthology has been teasing us with images leading up to the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s next movie in the Prometheus/Alien franchise. Today we…

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Alien: Covenant Photos May Allude to Dates for Timeline Setting

[UPDATE] We have the official trailer, watch here. Original article is as follows: Since Prometheus was released in 2012, the famed Sci-Fi Horror Alien franchise has had a resurgence of…

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Alien: Covenant Issues Release Date In Teaser Poster

The first teaser poster for next year’s addition to the Alien series (Alien: Covenant) just recently dropped on twitter with both the suspected release date for the film, as well…

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