WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19: First Batch Of Superstars Revealed (VIDEO)

Heads up, wrestling fans. The next iteration in 2k’s WWE series has kicked off its marketing plan with the second iteration of its “Roster Reveal” streams and fans got a…

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Mafia III

Mafia III Could Have Had An Even More Disturbing And Brutal Opening

The Mafia series is fairly well known for its openness on subjects such as racism and war. The game featured some fairly brutal cutscenes and animations which at times could…

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Evolve Servers And Other Features Shutting Down Later This Year

Evolve was developed by Turtle Rock Studios, published by 2K Games, and saw its release back in 2015. The 4v1 monster-hunting title had a great deal of potential, but shortly…

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Secret BioShock Game

Report: Secret BioShock Game Currently Being Developed

Many fans of the BioShock franchise have been left hanging in the dark over recent years. Since the release of BioShock Infinite back in 2013, gamers have been searching high…

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BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite Was Originally Very Different, Now We Want This Version (VIDEO)

The gaming world recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of 2K Games’ and Irrational Games’ BioShock Infinite, the twisting and turning adventure of a lifetime with an outstanding narrative. However, it…

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Alleged Borderlands 3 Reveal Date Leaked Ahead of E3

One of the most beloved franchises to come out of the PS3/Xbox 360 generation of video games has been the Borderlands series. The first person shooter gameplay, matched with the…

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Civilization VI

Civilization 6 Poundmaker Portrayal Considered “Very Harmful” By Cree Nation Leader

Civilization 6 has been enjoying a steady stream of content since its advent, and the coming Rise and Fall expansion is no exception. Recently announced by 2K games, the next…

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Cancelled BioShock Film

2K Games Recruits Prey and BioShock Designer For New Project

A new year has begun and with it are gamers looking forward to the biggest upcoming titles, and some in the industry are beginning their year with new projects to…

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Borderlands 2 Figures

Check Out These Awesome Borderlands 2 Figures From McFarlane Toys (GALLERY)

Listen up, Vault Hunters – there is glorious loot to be had. After exploring the vast landscapes that Pandora has to offer, what could be better than bringing a bit…

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Next BioShock Title

Next BioShock Title Might See The Return Of Multiplayer

This past August saw the 10th anniversary celebration of the BioShock franchise. Originally released for PC and Xbox 360 on August 21, 2007, the series has flourished as players were…

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