Super Mario Maker 2 Level Created By Arby’s Has The Meats (VIDEO)

Super Mario Maker 2 Level

With the rise of social media this past decade, big name brands have been quick to utilize the platforms to connect with their customers. This practice has become especially recurring among major fast food franchises, many of whom have opted to appeal to video game enthusiasts given their online prevalence. KFC has done everything from making a VR game to hosting PUBG events that gave out real chicken dinners, and Arby’s has become well known for their gaming adjacent content. Now, Arby’s has taken their gaming presence a step further with their new Super Mario Maker 2 level themed around their sandwiches.

Arby’s recently tweeted out the share code for their custom Super Mario Maker 2 level on their official Twitter account. The custom level has the player run through a field of coins that spell “Arby’s” before the player is led down a pipe. From there, the player is brought to an underground world that the level’s description says is meant to be the “Meat Dungeon.”

The difficulty ramps up as players must avoid flaming Cheep Cheeps coming from a sea of molten Arby’s Sauce below, whilst another formation of coins spelling “We Have The Meats”, aka Arby’s slogan, overhead. Eventually, the player makes their way back to the surface, where they are rewarded with a classic Arby’s roast beef sandwich, made out of blocks. There is even what could be a side order of onion rings surrounding the sticker block that ends SMB3 levels. This is quite a clever use of a creative gaming tool coupled with social media to celebrate gaming alongside roast beef lovers. Now, if Arby’s could just make the Don’t Feed the Gamers logo out of ketchup and Horsey Sauce, that would really take the cake (or apple turnover).

What do you guys think about this Arby’s Super Mario Maker 2 level? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for the latest gaming news, such as the Nintendo 64 inspired Nike shoes, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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