This Super Mario Bros Cosmetic Line Will Give Fans A 1-UP On Their Competition

Everyone who is still a gamer kid at heart will LOVE this Super Mario Bros cosmetic line that’s coming soon! It’s made by Shu Uemura and has something for everyone, no matter their personal beauty routine. Shu Uemura describes the Super Mario Bros cosmetic line as a “beauty adventure” and tells a story about the Mushroom Kingdom’s makeup treasure:

On a snowy night in Tokyo, Mario takes you on a brave journey to help Princess Peach by protecting the Mushroom Kingdom’s makeup treasure. Along the way, gather Shu Uemura colorful makeup and playful cleansing oils to fight against Bowser, who wants to see the world in just black and white. Dive into beauty adventure, dare to win with colors!”

This makeup line has everything a princess needs to look her best including makeup cases, lipsticks, blushes, eyeliners, skincare products and more! Let’s see what all our Mario fans can look forward to!

mario bros cosmetic

When it comes to lips, there’s some great choices for everyone whether they prefer just a simple lip balm, or like to be more glamorous with a matte lipstick. The tinted lip balms come in Underground Adventure (purple) and Fire Flower (coral red). Their “Sheer Veil” gloss comes in Stage Cleared (Pink) and Saved Peach (peachy pink). Lastly the gorgeous Supreme Matte lipsticks come in 3 shades of pink and red and would make any Super Mario fan proud to strut their stuff down rainbow road.

Ready to up that eye game? This Super Mario Bros cosmetic line has all the fixings to make the most fierce eyes in all of the Mushroom Kingdom. Start off with the Peach’s Eye and Cheek Palette that comes with 6 shades of eye shadow and 2 shades of blush. Next step is eyeliner right? No matter if fans prefer pencil or liquid, this line has them covered! Their liquid liner is two sided with one of those ends being a star stamp (how cool is that!?) and pencils that come in 4 different shades.

There’s skincare options as well that include cleansing oil and 2 different makeup refresher mists, as well as 2 shades of cushion blush, a premium brush set, a sweet makeup box, premium eyelash curler, and a variety of hair care products. If you’re interested in any of these Mario Bros inspired products, you can order them by clicking right here!

Which piece of this Super Mario Bros cosmetic line is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below and then make sure to follow DFTG on Twitter to stay updated on all the hottest gaming and entertainment news! Want more geeky makeup products to round out your collection? Check out all these other awesome cosmetic lines below!

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