Stephen King Reveals New Poster For Upcoming Film Adaptation of The Dark Tower

Dark Tower

“Pilgrim, there are other worlds than these.” The film adaptation of Stephen King’s mind-bending story, The Dark Tower, is coming this July and recently the King himself has revealed a brand new film poster to help promote hype for the epic and twisted plot. Revealed on Stephen King’s Twitter account, the poster has an Inception-like quality to it, while showcasing Roland Deschain and Jake Chambers overlooking the twisted, multi-dimensional world before them. Check out the Twitter reveal below to see the poster!:

Originally, this film was set to have a release date of February 17th, but back in November it was revealed that the film was being postponed until July to ensure that the visual effects of the movie were completed properly. The film, which according to Entertainment Weekly has a surprisingly low budget of $60 million, could have possibly incurred millions of dollars more in rush charges to ensure the special effects were completed by February. Naturally, to keep the budget low, film creators opted instead to delay its release until July 28th to ensure the film looks just as beautiful and frightening as we hope for without breaking the bank.

It was also recently revealed that the Dark Tower, which stars Idris Elba as Roland and Matthew McConaughey as Walter Padick (or The Man in Black), will not be a direct adaptation of the book. According to a podcast by Stephen King, the film will instead act more like a sequel rather than a straight adaptation. This seems like a pretty bold step to take, considering we’re all so used to seeing our favorite novels come to life on the big screen. Even still, we’re definitely excited to see what film creators have in store for us as we wait impatiently for July 28th to finally arrive. We’ll even settle for a trailer at this point, as Sony still hasn’t released that to fans yet! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to take a peek into this world soon.

Dark Tower

It’s going to be a long wait until we can explore Mid-World with Roland and Jake as they search for the mysterious Dark Tower before Walter can get to it first. To keep you entertained in the meantime, check out these other articles regarding adaptations of Stephen King works, and check back with us as we wait with bated breath for film creators to tease a little more about the upcoming movie:

So what do you think of the poster reveal for the upcoming Dark Tower film? Are you excited to see Idris Elba take on the role of the Gunslinger? Have you read the Dark Tower series for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below or hop on over to our Don’t Feed The Gamers Disqus to join in on the conversation there! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7. As always … game on, friends!

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