Steelrising Story Trailer Gives Rise To The Clockwork Tyrant (VIDEO)


Having already delved into engrossing RPG experiences like Greedfall and The Technomancer, Nacon and developer Spiders Studio are currently underway on an intriguing new Souls-like titled Steelrising. Premising a steampunk spin on the French Revolution in 1789, legions of clockwork robots have invaded Paris under the command of King Louis XVI, toppling the historical uprising in its tracks. In the wake of calamity, players operate as their own automaton named Aegis who is tasked with violently dismantling the monarchy’s mad robot army.

With all that in mind, a new trailer for Steelrising has been released, highlighting the violent clash between Aegis and the forces of the so-called “Clockwork Tyrant.” While offing little in terms of gameplay, the footage does do its best to set up the game’s unique world, featuring peeks at some crazy robot enemy designs and teasing the mystery of why Aegis is more self-aware than the rest of her machine brethren. Check out the new story trailer below.

With such a wild setting and art direction in tow, the latest from Spiders Studio is certainly rife with possibilities. Originally announced back in July 2020, footage for Steelrising was initially pretty slow-going until last month, which demonstrated the first 5 minutes of extended Alpha gameplay, including looks at boss battles, map traversal, as well as weapon and armor customization options. While neat to see, the occasion also came with a delay, moving Steelrising from June to a release date planned for September 8th.

While the story is mostly focused on obliterating bots, Steelrising also aims to offer a number of side activities to better immerse players. While not an open-world game, the title’s levels were built with verticality in mind, recreating several Parisian landmarks and allowing for Assassin’s Creed-esque traversal across roofs, balconies, and other whatnot. Not only that, but the City of Lights is also packed with side-quests, which can unlock new avenues for new loot (weapons, armor, items, etc.) and exploration.

​What do you think? Are you excited to check out Steelrising in September, or will you need to see a more finalized version of the gameplay first? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day!​

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