Square Enix Targeted With Death Threats, One Suspect In Custody

Square Enix Targeted With Death Threats, One Suspect In Custody

It has been revealed that Square Enix has been the subject of numerous death threats since September of 2018. Now, a man has been arrested by authorities after allegedly sending an email to Square Enix wherein he expressed his intent to kill the staff located at the publisher’s headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

The man now in custody is reportedly a 25 year old nursing care worker who sent the email to Square Enix’s headquarters back in 2018. The publisher received the email from the man late last year, after which Square Enix requested help from Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Shinjuku Precinct. According to The Yomirui Shimbun, the email reads, “Square Enix Staff, tomorrow I’m going to kill you. Purify your heads!” The last sentence admittedly seems strange, though it is apparently typical verbiage for a death threat in Japan.

After Tokyo police apprehended the man, who was living halfway across the country in Yoshinogawa, he admitted to all the charges and confirmed that he wanted revenge on the publisher. His frustrations were apparently centered on a gacha game that the man played, admitting that he became furious after spending over 200,000 yen (roughly $1800) on an in-game item that he didn’t end up getting.

The incident has forced Square Enix to tighten security around its Tokyo office, though this unfortunately is not the first time something like this has happened. According to the publisher, the Tokyo office has received over 30 emails that contain the word “kill” or the phrase “I’m going to kill your staff.” Thankfully at least one perpetrator is behind bars, and hopefully the staff will be able to breathe a little easier with the extra security.

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