New Sonic Mania-Inspired LEGO Set Greenlit For Production

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LEGO and Sonic the Hedgehog fans near and far, there’s a new set coming to town! Inspired by 2017’s Sonic Mania, the Green Hill Zone bundle is ready to blast into production. What started out as a fan design from the talented Viv Grannell won over the hearts of SEGA and LEGO to become a fully-fledged product.

Sonic Mania: Green Hill Zone was an opportunity for Grannell to bring together one of her favorite games into her passion for LEGOs. Check it out below:

Sonic Mania: Green Hill Zone LEGO Set

  • “Classic” Sonic the Hedgehog minifigure
  • “Classic” Dr Eggman, Motobug and three Flickies as brick-built figures
  • Heavy Gunner and Heavy Magician as brick-built figures (new!)
  • Green Hill Zone “Palm Tree”, “Spring”, “Bridge and “Loop” modules (redesigned!)
  • Egg Robot mech (redesigned!)
  • Phantom Ruby and Ring accessories
  • ~700 pieces, with 8 new prints (excluding minifigure parts) and a sticker sheet

Grannell mentioned in a press release: “I love Sonic and I love LEGO, and have done so for both since I was young. LEGO Dimensions gave us a single minifigure and absolutely nothing else. Mania is the impossible dream, an oxymoron harnessed – small enough of an experience that it’d only need one set design done well to cover reasonably comprehensively, while large enough of an event that I could gamble 9,999 other people would agree with me. Vintage enough for the older generation to recognize it and find nostalgia in that recognition, while recent enough for the younger generation to have tasted the magic and want to seek it out.”

Grannell really said: “Why not both?” When you have a love of building and creation, ideas come to life!

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