Sniper Elite 4’s PS4 Pro Frame Rate Dwarfs the Xbox One’s (VIDEO)

sniper elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is out now for all to enjoy their killingest desires on PC, PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. Sure, the game plays wonderfully for the most part, but how do the console versions stack up? Digital Foundry is back to answer that question with another head-to-head video analysis of the two ports of the game. Take a look:

In the video, the Xbox One version of Sniper Elite 4 performs the poorest, with a pesky capped framerate of 30FPS. This fact alone wouldn’t be too big of a deal, but particularly demanding gameplay often pushes these frames down to the low 20s, and sometimes even further than that. This results in some pretty bad screen tearing, and to be honest, screen tearing is never a good thing.

sniper elite 4
The better performing console out of the two is the Sony console – the PlayStation 4 Pro, to be exact. Sniper Elite 4 on a standard PS4 does a comparatively good job at keeping consistent frame rates, with them usually staying around 30-40FPS. As one could imagine, the more powerful PS4 Pro outperforms the basic model, easily hitting the 45-55 FPS mark, almost doubling the Xbox One’s frame rate. The Pro also has much crisper visuals that offer further draw distances and enhanced environment effects.

According to Digital Foundry, all versions of Sniper Elite 4 were made to run at 1080p on each console, which could explain Xbox One’s struggle to meet average frame rates, due to its less-capable GPU. The PlayStation 4 Pro also renders the game at 1080p, despite the system’s 4K readiness. This may have been deliberate, because had the game been rendered in 4K resolution, frames would likely be the first to take a dip.

sniper elite 4

What’s been your experience with Sniper Elite 4? Has it been nothing but smooth gameplay, or oodles of dropped frames? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for more nerdy news and also join the conversation in our Disqus channel. You can check out more PlayStation 4 Pro news by hitting the links below:

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