Skyrim: Special Edition Boasting 69 Mods for Xbox While only 11 for the PS4


Being one of the most popular titles in Bethesda’s list of open world RPG’s, Skyrim is expecting an official release of its special edition version this Friday. And good news for gamers wanting to play around with the modifications for this epic title: the developers have already begun accepting console mods for both Xbox and PS4!

Skyrim Special

There’s just one hitch: the Xbox has a whopping 69 mods at the time this article was written while the PlayStation only has 11. Before you get too upset, there is a legitimate reason as to why XBox players are enjoying a wider ranger of mods over PS4 users. The current reason behind this unbalanced comparison is that, as of right now, Microsoft has a greater allowance for external assets over PS4. This just means that if a user creates a large model that isn’t in the original game, Sony wouldn’t allow the larger model because of it’s size.

Skyrim Special

PlayStation users can expect that these additions will be more geared towards adjustments to the already existing game. Want those Bearded Brothers from on high to say Fus-Ro-DUH? Make it so, buut this is in contrast to the larger changes that can be made on XBox, like adding full on character mods and changes to scenery.

Sony seems reluctant all around to allow for external assets as well as some hardware and software issues may also be in play. Similar issues occurred with Fallout 4 when Bethesda opened the game for console mods creating a vast number of complaints from the player base for the instability.

Fret not my loyal PS4-ians (totally how they say that), Skyrim Special Edition boasts improvements on graphics and official mods from Bethesda. Check out the gorgeous changes in the official trailer:

If you’re among the PC Master Race, then you’re in luck: anyone who already owns the original title will receive the entire DLC free of charge, and who doesn’t like free?


Excited for the release of Skyrim Special Edition? Feeling a little let down over the limits on PS4? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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