343 Industries has Released Halo 5 REQ Changes and Warlords Playlist Feedback

Halo 5 REQ changes

343 Industries has rolled out their latest Halo 5 REQ changes, outlining them on their website on February 3rd. Fans can expect some weapon tweaks and armor mods among other things. The post also detailed last weekends “Warlords” playlist.

The Warlords playlist for Warzone was somewhat of a test, allowing teams of twelve instead of the usual six. They were initially concerned that there wouldn’t be enough players to really get the full experience, developers were pleased with the outcome. One thing that was certain as soon as the event was over, according to the post, is that the 343 Fireteam was completely wrecked by the community players. They had this to say in their post about the experience:

Warlords was an interesting experiment at least in the sense that it was a really cool exercise to build an event and promote and drive a focused group of players toward one playlist at one time. Friday afternoon and into Saturday was pretty cool to see and we think there’s something to a potential Warlords offering being semi-frequent but spaced out enough to drive critical mass and allow teams to better plan and coordinate.

While they felt their expectations were superseded, 343 expressed that the test included only a small portion of the Halo 5 community. The impression given was that Warlords was a positive experience and that the matchmaking was fairly balanced when there were enough teams to rotate. They had this to say about the overall outcome:

Right now the team is taking a look at player feedback and data but also wants to work on a few tweaks to try and improve the matchmaking experience. Additionally we’re looking into a bug that surfaced with join-in-progress that prevented anyone from re-joining at all if two players ended up dropping. Assuming the team can iron out these issues we’re looking at bringing Warlords back again for another scheduled test drive in a month or so. Stay tuned.

Halo 5 REQ changes were released on the 3rd and you can see a complete list on their website. For the TL;DR – the Wasps, Base Phaeton, Gunfighter Magnum, Tactical Magnum, Morph Sight, and Plasma Pistol have all been tweaked along with some random vehicles and weapons. Armor mods were also included based on REQ energy levels. As always, 343 is looking forward to fan feedback as they continue to take their community seriously.

Halo 5 REQ changes

The consistent Halo 5 REQ changes from 343 suggest that they are interested in making the game as fun and balanced as possible. They are taking the fan feedback seriously as they push towards creating a gaming experience that allows for growth and keeps things fresh and interesting. All in all, Halo seems to be in capable hands under the guidance of 343 industries.

Have you had a chance to experience the Halo 5 REQ changes? Did you participate in “Warlords”? Sound off in the comments below!

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