PlayStation 5 Is Easy To Develop Games For, Says Former PlayStation President

PlayStation 5 October 2020 release date

With another year to go before fans get their hands on the upcoming PlayStation 5, many people are wondering what exactly to expect. The device itself hasn’t been shown yet, but a few impressive details have been scattered around the Internet since the announcement. That said, former PlayStation president Shuhei Yoshida recently stated that the console “is at a level never seen before” in terms of developing software for it.

Speaking with Dengeki PlayStation (via Wccftech), Yoshida acknowledged the struggle previous consoles in their lineup proposed for developers, but the PlayStation 5 will be the easiest yet. It is fairly well known that the PS3 was incredibly difficult to develop games for, with the PS4 improving the situation. “The PS3 era was one of the toughest times in SIE’s 25-year history,” Yoshida said. “The difficulty in developing games was noticeable.”

He then went on to note how the PlayStation 5 takes things to a whole new level. “[The ease] of making software [for the PS5] is at a level never [seen before],” Yoshida said. “If the difficulty of hardware becomes the hurdle to overcome, [developers can’t] concentrate on making games. Anyway, hardware makes it easier to create games so you can spend more time creating games.”

The PlayStation 5 is set to drop sometime during the holidays in 2020, and will be officially revealed at some point before then. Keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers as this story develops, and for other gaming goodness going on right now, check out the following:

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